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A Sun That Rises

Bettina Pauly

A sun that rises, 2013

Etching, Letterpress, Hand dyed silk ribbon, machine stitching


Created for the Al Mutanabbi Street Book Arts Coalition Project, this book quotes lines from the 2007 documentary A Candle for Shabandar Café which explores the aftermath of the 2007 car bombing of Al Mutanabbi Street, the bookselling street in Baghdad, Iraq. In a scene showing a vigil held in front of the remains of the café, Abdul Satar notes that "there is still a sun that rises and there is hope despite the destruction” despite the bombing's massive toll on his family and business. The grim colors of the book represent the immediate aftermath of the bombing with its fire, choking smoke, blood, and resulting scars, while the brightly color ribbon of the case represents the sunrise visible through the grey smoke.