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The Fire That Still Burns

The Fire that Burns The Fire that Burns The Fire that Burns

"The Fire That Still Burns" is a memorial to my friend Tatissa, who passed away this March. It was a painful yet empowering process to memorialize at least a portion of her legacy through my broadside print, and while I recognize that my final product captures just a sliver of what Tatissa means to me and the rest of the community, I hope that it does some justice to her amazing work. As a black student and prominent organizer, Tatissa gave everything to the liberatory struggle and took care of so many of her peers. The flames in my piece represent her broad reach and the warmth and brilliance she brought into my life. Her fire will still burn in the form of the important work that will continue in her memory.

This broadside had two printing sessions: once to print the red flames, and a second to print the black text.

- Grace Reckers, Scripps College '18

The Fire That Still Burns