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"1492 What Is It Like to Be Discovered?" explores Columbus and his involvement in "discovering" the "New World." The text consists of poetry, dictionary definitions, magazine/newspaper cutouts, quotes from Columbus' and other conquistadors diaries,…

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My broadside addresses the issues and identity struggles that may stem from adoption. My birthparents both identified as Latinx but I was raised by Germanic/caucasian parents in a non-diverse home and town. Growing up it was very difficult for me to…

"Barbie" tells the story of a painful childhood memory that seems inconsequential at first glance, but when examined more deeply hints at the problematic nature of indoctrinated gender roles. "Barbie" uses Barbie Dolls to exemplify the idealization…

Photos from the broadside, 'Black Boy, Fly.'

Photo courtesy of Clarissa Sligh

While on the outside the work appears to be a regular novel, upon opening it the viewer is confronted with a blush case, a compact mirror, and a tube of mascara. Within each makeup product is written histories and stories of the negative and often…

"Delhi Braveheart" is a poem by Tiara Sharma, an 18 year old South Asian American, in reaction to the infamous 2012 Delhi Rape. It juxtaposes how Indian men treat women in different contexts: Goddesses, mothers, and young women. The image above the…
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