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"Delhi Braveheart" is a poem by Tiara Sharma, an 18 year old South Asian American, in reaction to the infamous 2012 Delhi Rape. It juxtaposes how Indian men treat women in different contexts: Goddesses, mothers, and young women. The image above the…

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My broadside addresses the issues and identity struggles that may stem from adoption. My birthparents both identified as Latinx but I was raised by Germanic/caucasian parents in a non-diverse home and town. Growing up it was very difficult for me to…

Photos from the broadside, 'Black Boy, Fly.'

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My broadside, TCK, references the identity conflicts that are present in Third Culture Kid's reflections of home. While I am originally from Illinois, I grew up in Singapore and have moved around ever since. When I am asked where I am from, I juggle…

"Barbie" tells the story of a painful childhood memory that seems inconsequential at first glance, but when examined more deeply hints at the problematic nature of indoctrinated gender roles. "Barbie" uses Barbie Dolls to exemplify the idealization…

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The flames represent the power and strength of Tatissa, along with the broad scope of influence she had over everyone in each of her communities. The text describes the ways in which I will remember her and her accomplishments. The paradox between…

Letterpress print process for broadside

The phrase transliterated on the bottom of the page means "we cannot be together my love" in Hebrew. The print on top is the Arabic word for love.
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